School Policies


Note: Veterans or individuals using VA funding, also see VA specific guidelines for attendance, refunds, etc. VA Policies.

Where policies vary, VA policies will take precedent.

Class Schedule:

Classes start the first Tuesday each month. Observed holidays are as follows: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. If school is closed, students will be given advanced notice.


Class Days and Hours:

Course training is 5 days a week, Tuesday through Saturday starting at 8:30 am and ending at 3:30 pm (if an early day), but some days might run until 8-9 pm.  Basically students are done when the horses are done.  Paul wants you to get as much time under horses as possible, so you are better trained when you leave.



Students will be allowed to enroll in classes as early as one year in advance to a week in advance of the class starting. There is a maximum of 5 students per teaching instructor. We allow 5 students per instructor to enroll in each class.


Enrollment Prerequisites:

Prerequisites for the school are as follows:

1.) Student must be 18 years of age, or if younger has to have a legal guardian sign for them.
2.) Must pass quick forging exercise before admittance.
3.) No high school diploma or GED is required to attend school.

During the enrollment process our school will assess the student’s knowledge and needs for the program to make sure they enroll in the appropriate program that best suits the student. The courses range from 8 weeks to 24 weeks.

Once assessment is complete the student will enroll in one of the 4 programs we offered for traditional horseshoeing.

Once the student successfully completes the tradition training, he or she can continue training into the advanced program using Modern Materials methods that are not used in traditional horseshoeing.


Student Progress and Evaluation:

Students will be constantly evaluated while in school. There are 4 separate categories that grades can be divided into in the beginner courses. These 4 categories are:
1. Forge Projects
2. Written Test Scores
3. Final Horse Score
4. Attendance and Participation
Remedial training is assigned to students that are unable to maintain the minimum standard. Projects are graded every 4 weeks, and counseling statements are issued as needed. Students that do not meet the minimum standard will sign their counseling statements, and a remedial plan and time frame will be suggested to bring the standard up. If the student is still unable to bring up their standard, they may be terminated from training.


Grading System:

In order to receive a Certificate of Completion from AHS, a student must pass with a minimum of 70% in 4 categories. These are:
1. Forge Projects
2. Written Tests
3. Final Horse
4. Attendance and Participation
The written tests are graded on a 0-100 scale, with 70% considered a pass. All of the other categories are graded on a pass/fail system. Work that does not meet the minimum standard will be failed.



Leave of Absence 

Excused absences are (Sickness, Death in Family, Injury). Please notify within 24 Hours of Class. Absent 3 Days a signed doctors excuse is required. Excused absences can be made up at the teacher’s convenience. For extended leave of absence, the student needs prior approval by the director. There will be a 30 day guaranteed leave of absence. It will be at the director’s sole discretion to accept absences longer than 30 Days.

  • Class Cutting  – Unexcused absences can be made up at the teacher’s convenience. After 3 unexcused absences the student will be put on probation. After 5 unexcused absences the student will be terminated.
  • Tardiness – Students need to be on time. Tardy is considered 15 minutes late. Three (3) tardy are considered an absence.
  • Make- up work –  Students will be allowed to make up absences. The student is responsible for contacting the instructor for makeup times.

Continuation of All Horseshoeing Courses and Programs:

Should you choose to enroll in a longer horseshoeing course while attending a shorter course, you will be credited for the time and tuition already spent at the school.


Code of Conduct and Reasons for Dismissal:

The code of conduct for the Arkansas Horseshoeing School shall be as follows;

  • Every student will arrive on time for classes each scheduled day wearing appropriate clothing, including closed toe work boots and in possession of all supplies needed to begin class.
  • All students will conduct themselves politely, granting full good will to all other students and faculty while during class and on school property.
  • No student shall create an offensive or hostile environment for any other student or faculty member.
  • Three unexcused absences shall be cause for dismissal and forfeiture of all tuition and fees. Excuse of absences shall be at the sole discretion of the faculty.
  • Three unexcused instances of tardiness shall constitute one unexcused absence.
  • Gross misconduct including but not limited to illegal activities, personal, physical or sexual harassment or a severe disruption of the learning environment shall be grounds for immediate dismissal and forfeiture of all tuition and fees.
  • Other violations of the code of conduct shall be grounds for disciplinary action that may culminate in dismissal and forfeiture of all tuition and fees.




A deposit of $500.00 is due with the application for any class (no deposit required if using VA funding). If you are not accepted into the class this entire sum will be refunded. After you’re accepted into a class, should you choose to withdraw and not attend, a $100 application fee will be charged by the school, but the balance of your deposit will be refunded.


Payment of Course Fee:

The balance of the course fee (deduct the $500 deposit) is due when you start the course unless there is some unusual situation and you’ve made other arrangements with Paul Dorris, Jr.  At the school, we take; personal checks, cash, credit cards, debit cards, money orders or cashier’s check. 

Note: The $50 per month for housing is not included in the course fee.

If using VA funding, they will send payment directly to the school.  You may start your class, even if the VA payment has not yet been received.


Release and Waiver of Liability:
When you submit a course application online or via mail, you are stating;

I understand that horseshoeing and horse training are dangerous. I fully assume all responsibility for any accident or injury which I may suffer during the period of enrollment, as well as any compensation time allowed by the school for any reason. I further release and discharge the school, its owners and operators, horse owners, and owners of land upon which any classes or training is taking place, in all manners from suits, actions and causes of action under the terms as herein above set forth.

I understand that, according to the law of the State of Arkansas, sponsors of equine activities are not liable for any equine-related injury or death to any participant in said activities.



Request of records of student who are attending are have attended Arkansas Horseshoeing School. Must be requested by the student in written. All attendance and completion records are kept on file in our office. Student will receive a completion certificate after completion with a copy of all records.


Cancellation and Refund Policy:

1) A full refund to any student who cancels the enrollment contract within seventy-two (72) hours (until midnight of the third day excluding Saturdays, Sundays, or legal holidays) after the enrollment contract is executed.
2) If an applicant is not accepted for enrollment by a school, the applicant is entitled to a full refund of monies paid less an application fee not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100).
3) If the student has contracted with a school to pursue a distance education program, or combination program, the student is considered as having entered training when the student has completed and submitted to the school the first lesson or has attended one regular class period of instruction whichever comes first.
4) If the student has contracted with a school to pursue a resident program, the student is considered as having entered training when the student has attended one regular class period of instruction at the resident school.
5) All refunds shall be made by the school to the student or lender no later than thirty (30) calendar days after the student withdraws, is terminated from or completes the program. Proof of refund(s) shall be placed in the student’s file. If refunds are made by check, proof shall be a photocopy of the refund check and proof that it has cleared the bank such as the bank statement. If refunds are made by electronic funds transfer, the refund shall be recorded on the student’s account record and proof of refund shall be provided to Board staff upon request. If refunds are made to a credit card the credit receipt shall serve as proof of the refund.
6) The effective date of the termination, for refund purposes, shall be the last day of attendance.
7) The student shall not be required to purchase instructional supplies books, pay fees, etc. until such time as these materials are needed.
8) In the event a school discontinues a program in which students are enrolled, a full refund of all tuition, tools, textbooks, etc. and fees are due. Refunds shall be made within 15 days of the last class meeting date. This statement does not apply to a closed school; however, it does apply to a school that closes only one location.
9) Schools shall publish and adhere to a refund policy:
a. The registration fee not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100) paid to the school by the student may be retained as an enrollment or application fee.
b. All tuition paid in excess of the registration fee of no more than one hundred dollars ($100) shall be refundable.
c. The refund shall be based on the cost and length-of the program. All tuition beyond the current enrollment period shall be refunded when a student terminates.
i. At completion of less than twenty-five percent (25%) of the program the refunds shall be made on a pro rata basis.
ii. At completion of 25% but less than 50% of the program the student shall be refunded not less than 50% of the tuition.
iii. At completion of 50% but less than 75% of the program the student shall be refunded not less than 25% of the tuition.
iv. At completion of 75% or more of the program no refund is due the student.


School Complaint Process:

If a student has a complaint they need to call the director at 479-858-1011.

If they are not satisfied they need to contact the ASBPCE (Arkansas State Board of Private Career Education) at:

423 Main Street Suite 400
Little Rock, AR 72201

Phone — 501-683-8000
Fax —— 501-683-8050
Email —
Website –