24 Week Advanced Course



farrier course informationThis is the Arkansas Horseshoeing School’s – 24 week  “Advanced Methods and Materials Course” 
Tuition –  $15,900
*To enroll into the advanced course, students must complete a prior course of up to 12 weeks, have one year of prior shoeing experience, or be able to demonstrate sufficient skill level to the director.


This course is designed for students who wish to obtain a skill level such that they can successfully work on a horse using advanced modern materials or advanced forging skills. This course is designed to teach students the non-traditional methods that are available along with advancing their skills in the traditional blacksmithing methods.  This course furthers everything that the Twenty-four week course teaches plus adds time with the instructors to learn more about anatomy, modern materials, forging, and shoeing.

Advanced students will have the opportunity to build a variety of handmade therapeutic shoes.  Some materials covered in this course include wooden clogs, aluminum shoes, pour-in pads, glue, and impression material.  The student will also be required to work on horses with a variety of lameness issues.  Students will spend more time working on shoe modifications including stud holes, pads of many varieties, bar shoes, wedges, and more.  Students will also be required to complete advanced forging exercises and attend clinics outside of class time.  The advanced course is designed to go beyond preparing a student to be a good apprentice.   After completing this course, students should have the tools and the confidence to shoe for the public.



Gooseneck vise


Tongs (2)

Equipak Gun

Glue gun




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