Terms & Conditions

farrier application

Policies and Waivers

Deposit: A deposit of $500.00 is due with the application for any class.   If I’m not accepted into the class the entire sum will be refunded.   After I’m accepted into a class, should I choose to withdraw and not attend, a $100 application fee will be charged by the school but the balance of my deposit will be refunded. Continuation of All Horseshoeing

Courses and Programs: I understand that, should I choose to enroll in a longer horseshoeing course while attending a shorter course, I will be credited for the time and tuition already spent at the school.

Release and Waiver of Liability: I understand that horseshoeing and horse training are dangerous. I fully assume all responsibility for any accident or injury which I may suffer during the period of enrollment, as well as any compensation time allowed by the school for any reason. I further release and discharge the school, its owners and operators, horse owners, and owners of land upon which any classes or training is taking place, in all manners from suits, actions and causes of action under the terms as herein above set forth.

I understand that, according to the law of the State of Arkansas, sponsors of equine activities are not liable for any equine-related injury or death to any participant in said activities.

Termination Refund Policy: The termination date for refund computation purposes will be the last date of class attendance by the student. 

Any applicant not accepted for enrollment shall be refunded all tuition and/or fees paid.

If you notify the Arkansas Horseshoeing School in writing to cancel your enrollment before a class begins, the $500 depost less a $100 application fee, along with any other class fees paid, will be refunded.

If you drop out of a class after it has begun, the class fee will be refunded on a pro rata basis, based upon the number of class days attended, except that no refund will be made after the class is 75% complete.

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